Global Climate Strike

As part of the Global Climate Strike, around 100,000 people, mostly students and young people turned up at the Domain in Sydney yesterday to demand action on human induced-climate change.

Hundreds of thousands rallied around Australia and millions around the world as part of a global student-led movement against persistent refusals by governments and big corporations to make structural changes that will ensure the reduction of CO2 emissions and the protection of the planet.

Climate change impacts the poor and disenfranchised in the first instance. Aboriginal and First Nations peoples are often at the forefront of the impacts of environmental degradation. Pacific Islanders stand to be the first to see their entire homelands inundated with rising sea waters. And those who live in poverty are the most likely unable to effectively respond against such change.

Earlier than usual bush fires and crippling winter droughts do not bode well for this coming summer in Australia.

The rally was organised by Students Strike 4 Climate.

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