Pro-Choice Rally: Trust Women Support The Bill

Today, around 2,000 people gathered at Hyde Park, Sydney, in support of legislation currently before the NSW Parliament aimed at decriminalising abortion.

Abortion has been technically illegal in New South Wales since 1900. It is the only Australian state where it is still a crime to have an abortion under general circumstances. In August this year, a bill was introduced to parliament and passed the lower house on a conscience vote. It is currently waiting to be introduced to the upper house after the Premier, Gladys Berejiklian caved into conservatives within her party to delay the bill.

Today’s rally urged people to keep pressure on the politicians to pass the legislation into law. The event kicked off with an Acknowledgement of Country by Yvonne Weldon. Speakers included Dee Hartigan, Jane Caro, Wendy, McCarthy and Larissa Behrendt, with performances by Ursula Yovich, Malaika and Elana Stone. All reiterated the role of women’s rights human rights as central to the issue.

A small group of Australian Conservative Pro-Life counter-protesters briefly interrupted proceedings as the event wound up.

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