Sudan Revolution Solidarity Rally

Yesterday, June 30th 2019, a rally in solidarity with the currently unfolding Sudanese Revolution took place in Hyde Park, Sydney. Around 700 people attended. It was one of many rallies held simultaneously around the world to bring attention to the military crackdown in Sudan.

Mass protests in the capital Khartoum and elsewhere in Sudan, erupted last night, with at least 7 killed and hundreds wounded.

The unrest is part of the democratic movement which has gained momentum over the last year and which led to the ousting of long-time President Omar al-Bashir in April. Since then, a military council has assumed power and is resisting calls for structural reform. On June the 3rd, a crackdown saw dozens killed during demonstrations. The democratic opposition is calling for a civilian-led 3 year reform process before elections are held to ensure that meaningful and long-lasting change is achieved.

It has been noted the prominent role that women have played in the revolution in Sudan and this was reflected in yesterday’s rally in Sydney.

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