T.J. Hickey - 15 Years On, Rally

Yesterday marked the 15th anniversary of the death of T.J. Hickey, who died during a police chase. Family and supporters claim T.J.’s death was a direct result of police actions, despite an internal inquiry and coroner’s report clearing them of any responsibility.

A small but passionate crowd of men, women and children gathered at the site of T.J. Hickey’s death in Waterloo, where speeches were given. The protesters shouted “They say accident, we say murder” as they turned and marched to Parliament House in the presence of an overwhelming police force, including riot squad members.

At Parliament House, members of ISJA (Indigenous Social Justice Association) and the mother of T.J., Gail Hickey, presented Greens parliamentarians, Jenny Leong and David Shoebridge, with 12,000 signatures on a petition demanding an independent inquiry into the case.

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