Protest Against Police Brutality of Danny Lim

Local identity, 75-year old Danny Lim, was man-handled by 3 police officers yesterday at Barangaroo, the new financial centre of Sydney. He was arrested, handcuffed and thrown into the back of a police van with his small dog, Smarty, for offensive behaviour for wearing a sign saying ‘CVNT SMILE WHY CVNT’. As a result, both of Danny’s arms suffered extensive bruising.

Mr. Lim has previously been arrested by police for wearing his thought-provoking signs - charges which were ultimately thrown out of court.

Today, around 200 people gathered outside the Day Street police station to protest against Danny Lim’s case and against police brutality in general, particularly against the LGBTQI and Aboriginal communities. Speakers demanded more oversight, accountability and scrutiny of police operations. They called for freedom of speech, human rights, less police powers and justice for Danny Lim.

Danny's case will be contested in court where, according to his lawyers, he will be seeking damages against the NSW police force.

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