Because of Her We Can: Aunty Jenny Munro

Over the next few days leading up to NAIDOC celebrations, I will be posting a series of photographs of just some of the Aboriginal and Islander women who I admire and respect, who I have photographed over the years, and who epitomize this year's NAIDOC motto, 'Because of Her We Can'.

Today, I am posting a portrait of Wiradjuri elder and activist, Aunty Jenny Munro. 

Aunty Jenny Munro has led a life-time of agitating for rights for Aboriginal people. She led an almost 2-year long campaign for housing for low-income Aboriginal families at 'the Block' under the guise of the Redfern Aboriginal Tent Embassy. In 2015, she was honoured with the Eddie Mabo Award for Social Justice.

Below, Aunty Jenny looks out towards the setting sun on a warm autumn day at the the Redfern Aboriginal Tent Embassy, 2015.

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