Friday On My Mind

Friday is a mountain brushtail possum. He is named 'Friday' because he was found on a Friday in his mother's pouch after she was hit by a car on Friday Hut Road, outside of Byron Bay in northern New South Wales. He was rescued by passerbys, who called the Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service (WIRES).

Lindy and Phil, long-time wildlife carers, are now rearing Friday. The baby possum must be bottle fed 4 times a day until he can feed on native foliage. Eventually, Friday will be released back into the wild, where he will face a torrid few months surviving against other male brushtails, who are notoriously territorial. Human reared possums are said to have an average survival rate of around 120 days, so Friday will have to be lucky to survive and thrive once released.

Below are images of Lindy, Phil and Friday at their home, outside of Byron.

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