Because of Her We Can: Aunty Christine Kngwarraye Palmer

Throughout the next few days, over NAIDOC week celebrations, I will be posting a series of photographs of just some of the Aboriginal and Islander women who I admire and respect, who I have photographed over the years, and who epitomize this year's NAIDOC motto, 'Because of Her We Can'.

Today, I am posting a photograph of Arrente and Kaytetye woman, Aunty Christine Kngwarraye Palmer. Aunty Christine is a leading figure for Grandmothers Against Removals (GMAR) in central Australia.

GMAR is a grassroots organisation of concerned Aboriginal grandmothers and supporters who are fighting against the ongoing Government removal of Aboriginal children from their families - a process commonly understood as the 'Stolen Generation', but which continues unabated today. More Aboriginal children are being removed today than since ex-Prime Minister Rudd's 'apology' to the Stolen Generation in 2008 - in fact, removals are the highest than any point in history, having risen by 65% since Rudd's 'apology'.

Below is an image of Aunty Christine speaking in Canberra earlier this year at a national GMAR summit on 'Sorry Day'.

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