The Nakba - 70 Years On

Today marks 70 years since what the Palestinians call the 'Nakba' - the 'disaster', or 'catastrophe' - the first day of the mass expulsions of Palestinians from their homelands, which continues today.

Today also marks the day that the USA opened an embassy in Jerusalem, an inflammatory act that set off demonstrations in Gaza that saw at least 58 people killed and thousands injured.

In Sydney, about 500 people gathered at Town Hall to rally against ongoing atrocities being committed against Palestinians. Speakers included Mona Abu Zalaf, Damian Ridgewell, Nessa Roberts, Ramzy Baroud, Fouad Chreida, Sara Saleh, David Shoebridge, Louisa Romano and Harsha.

During the speeches, many parallels were drawn between the plight of the Palestinians and the plight of Aboriginal peoples here in Australia.

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