T.J. Hickey - 14 Years On

This Wednesday, the 14th of February will not be celebrated as St.Valentine's Day for the Hickey family.

Instead, it will mark 14 years since T.J. Hickey was killed on his bicycle during a police pursuit through Redfern and Waterloo.

This year, the date comes exactly one week after an Aboriginal man, Patrick Fisher, died fleeing police not 200 metres away from where T.J. Hickey lost his life. Both cases represent a long line of ongoing cases of Aboriginal deaths in custody.

A rally will be held on Wednesday at the Waterloo housing estate to commemorate the life T.J. Hickey and the events leading to his death 14 years ago. Family members will be demanding justice.

Below is an image of T.J.'s mother, Gail, holding a memorial plaque and a photograph of her son. Standing next to Gail is her grandson, Jarrel.

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