David Dungay Junior's Death In Custody - Third Anniversary Rally

Yesterday was the third anniversary of the death of Dunghutti man, David Dungay Junior, at the hands of correctional officers in Long Bay Gaol. Dungay, a diabetic, was held face down by multiple Special Operations Group members and forcibly injected with sedatives in his cell in 2015 after refusing to hand over a packet of biscuits. He stopped breathing shortly after.

To mark the date and to bring attention to ongoing Aboriginal deaths in custody, family members and supporters travelled to Sydney to protest outside the gates to the prison. Special Operations Group members were summoned but despite emotional scenes from Dungay’s family, no serious incidents unfolded.

After a traditional smoking, CCTV footage of Dungay’s death was screened on a TV. Family vowed to continue to pursue justice.

Throughout the day, the crowd’s signature chant was Dungay’s last words before he died: “I can’t breath”.

A coronial inquest into Dungay’s death has been adjourned until March next year.

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