Dance Rites, 2019

Images from Dance Rites, Sydney Opera House, 2019.

Dance Rites is an annual Indigenous dance competition and cultural festival, featuring dance troupes from around Australia and the world.

This year, last year’s winners, Allkumo Dancers and Kulgoodah Dancers returned as guest performers.

Professional dancers included Te Rua Mauri from Aotearoa (New Zealand) and Muggera Dancers from NSW.

Groups competing for the top prize this year were Buuja Buuja Butterfly, Djirri Djirri, Duurunu Miru, Eip Karem Beizam, Jumbaal Dreamin, Meuram Murray Island Dancers, Of Desert and Sea, Ngaran Ngaran, Nunukul Yuggera, Pakana Kanaplila, Seisia Kayin Thithuyil, Thukkabilla Vibrations, URAB Dancers and Wagana Dancers.

Also featured was Indigenous Enterprise,  which is made up of Turtle Island champion dancers from Canada treaty six on Onion Lake, Saskatchewan, as well as from the Navajo nation in Window Rock and Blue Gap, Arizona.

This year’s overall winner, 2019, was Nunukul Yuggera. Runners up were Meuram Murray Island Dancers, with Buuja Buuja Butterfly taking out the ‘Wild Card’ Dance title and Djirri Djirri receiving the Rites of Passage Award.

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