Clinton Pryor, 'Spirit walker', Arrives in Redfern

Noongar man, Clinton Pryor is now on the final leg of his epic journey, after having arrived in Redfern to a tumultuous reception of around 300 people. Dylan Voller and Aunty Jenny Munro, amongst others were there to greet him.

Clinton has walked over 5,000 kms since he left Perth 8 months ago. His aim is to raise awareness of the many issues facing Aboriginal people in Australia. During his journey, he was given the mantle, 'Spirit Walker', having visited countless communities along his path.

Speaking to the thronging crowd at the Block in Redfern, he declared, "There is no justice in this country... The truth is, this country is living a lie."

Clinton Pryor next heads to Canberra, his final destination, to confront the Federal Government with his experiences of the many hardships faced by Aboriginal communities across the country. He arrives in Canberra on the 3rd of September.

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