24/7 Kitchen and Safe Space for the Homeless

Part of a continuing series of photographs about the 24/7 Kitchen and Safe Space for the Homeless, set up in Martin Place in Sydney and run entirely by the homeless community, volunteers and donations from local businesses, community groups and individuals.
The space was set up on Xmas eve last year by Lanz Priestly and has since been continuously threatened by Sydney City Council with closure, despite the increasing demand for its services: food, clothing and a safe place to sleep and socialize for the homeless and rough sleepers of Sydney. Today, with the latest threat of closure looming, an urgent meeting amongst the residents was held to discuss the space’s plans in response.
Tonight, with winter having just begun, a small church group unexpectedly arrived, donating sleeping bags rated to -15 degrees. And the coffee was kept on the boil and the food kept being served as the numbers swelled into the night.
More info: https://www.facebook.com/Sydney247StreetKitchenSafeSpace/
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