Sorry Day 2017 - The Next Gen

The 26th of May 2017, known as ‘Sorry Day’, is the 20th anniversary of the tabling of the 'Bringing Them Home Report', after the inquiry into the so-called ‘Stolen Generation’, the systematic removal of Aboriginal children from their families. In 2008, former Prime-Minister Kevin Rudd apologised on behalf of the Commonwealth Parliament for these removals. Since that apology advocates claim that governmental removal of Aboriginal children has actually increased – by a staggering 400% - effectively creating the next Stolen Generation.

Yesterday, a group of protesters, including the mother and sister of Dylan Voller, marched from Victoria Park to the number 1 platform at Central Station, where many Aboriginal children were whisked away to white foster families or institutionalised in government run homes, such as Kinchela Boys Home and Cootamundra Girls Home, where they were often abused and traumatised. Meeting the protesters at Platform 1 were men and women of the 'first' Stolen Generation, who spoke powerfully to the crowd about the experiences.

The repeated statement of the night: "Sorry Means You Don't Do It Again!"