24/7 Street Kitchen & Safe Space for the homeless, Martin Place

Portraits of some of the homeless and rough sleepers at the '24/7 Street Kitchen and Safe Space' at Martin Place, Sydney, part of an ongoing photographic project.
After successive Council raids and evictions, the space continues to provide safe sleeping places, food, sanitary products, books, clothing and other services. As winter approaches, more and more homeless men, women and LGBTIQ are flocking to this vital service, run by the homeless themselves and funded by donations from local businesses and community members. The fact that demand is so high is a damning indictment not only of the failure of other social services (and lack thereof) but also of governmental policy more broadly.
Situated directly opposite the Reserve Bank of Australia, it starkly raises the question, 'What kind of society do we want?'
Donations can be made directly at Martin Place or by going to the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Sydney247StreetKitchenSafeSpace/
Pictured (in order of appearance): T.J., Lanz Preistly, Greg Kinchela, Nigel, Dan Peter, Loretta, Jordan, Gavin