13th Anniversary of the Death of TJ Hickey

T.J. Hickey, a young Aboriginal boy, would have been 30 today had he not been killed in a police chase through Redfern and Waterloo in Sydney's inner city, 13 years ago.
Today, despite torrential rain, protestors rallied from the site of T.J.'s death in Waterloo to NSW Parliament, demanding the reopening of an investigation into the circumstances leading to the boy's impaling on a fence. They maintain that police were involved in T.J.s death - a murder rather than an accident.
Furthermore, the ninth annual 'Closing The Gap' report was today released in Parliament, indicating the overwhelming and increasing failure of government to alleviate disadvantage of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in this country. Indicators such as health, employment, education, housing, well-being and life expectancy are dramatically and structurally  skewed against Aboriginal peoples. 
The full report can be found at: http://closingthegap.pmc.gov.au/


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