National Gathering, Aboriginal Tent Embassy, Day 2

Photographs from Day 2 of the historic National Gathering of First Nations at the Aboriginal Tent Embassy on Ngunnawal Country.

Representatives from many different clan groups from a variety of First Nations across the continent descended on the Aboriginal Tent Embassy in Canberra to discuss formalising a process of recognition of  each other's sovereignty.

The two-day meeting concluded with a broad agreement to take a draft statement back to clan groups to mandate delegates for the next National Gathering early next year to work towards a series of First Nation to First Nation 'treaty'-like agreements.

In a parallel action, The Lobby restaurant next to the Embassy (the location where Julia Gillard lost her shoe in 2012) was occupied after an eviction notice was issued by Ngunnawal representatives. The occupiers met with police and government officers to demand the site - up until now, earmarked for demolition - be developed as a Ngunnawal cultural centre. The parties will meet again this Wednesday the 8th of November 2017 to discuss the next move and negotiate an outcome. In the meantime, the Ngunnawal will continue to occupy the site.

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