'Person Of The Year, 2017'

An inversion of Time Magazine's cover of Donald Trump as 'Person of the Year, 2016'.
Here, Lanz Priestley looks directly at the camera on New Year's Day 2017, on location in Martin Place, Sydney, where he has set up a safe place for the city's hundreds of homeless, providing food, shelter, bedding and other resources to women and men who have been left destitute during the summer holidays. 

Lanz says,

"At the 24-7 pop up homeless resource we deal on a daily basis with the fallout from federal state and local governments callous indifference to the needs of people as they bow and prey at the altar of their greedy corporate gods.  Yesterday as well as known homeless and economically stressed Sydney residents we had 15 people through who had been told that Centrelink payments would be through on 24th or 28th and not received them. Others have been victims of other Machiavellian Centrelink / Job Network agent practices. 

"From January 1st 2017 the federal government who steadfastly refuse to pursue the Google's and like foreign corporates who pay much less than their fair share of taxes, will stiffen their pursuit of marginalised people via a new tranche of policies designed to drive fear and intimidation of the most economically marginalised people in Australia. Aged pensioners and disability pensioners join unemployed claimants as victims of the escalating Turnbull Morrison attack on the Australian social contract. This characteristically cowardly attack on those least able to defend themselves needs to be viewed in parallel with their equally gutless intransigence in tackling corporate tax dodging , unconscionable bank conduct and unethical corporate behaviour not to mention cosy corporate government relationships. 
"Just 4 things power this rancid government behaviour. Your silence, your acceptance your cooperation and your fear of consequences. Remember that wrong feasts on the rotting carcase of your inaction and the better world we know is possible will only come with your decisive action. Will 2017 be the year you act decisively?"

The space is located at the top end of Martin Place opposite the Reserve Bank and State Parliament. The organizers are asking for public donations - food, blankets, money and any other useful items.