Stop The Despoiling of Aboriginal Artifacts, Heritage and History Rally

Some pictures of the rally against the South East light rail line in Randwick, Sydney, which will not only see the destruction of many magnificent 150 plus-year old trees, but will also threaten to despoil thousands of Aboriginal artifacts recently found at the construction site. Over 21,000 artifacts have been found to date and there is conjecture that many thousands more lay not far beneath the surface and in the surrounding area.
Experts say that these finds are some of the most important pre-invasion artifacts found in decades and that they hint at a possible massacre site which occurred shortly after European arrival.
There is no sign that the construction works are being halted by the NSW government which means that this site is under imminent danger of being lost forever to the force of 'progress', destroying irreplaceable Aboriginal heritage and history, bypassing archeological excavation processes and ignoring proper cultural protocols.