Yuendumu and Nyirripi, 1996

FLASHBACK: Shots from 20 years ago - Yuendumu and Nyirripi,  300 and 500 kms north west of Alice Springs respectively, in the Central Australian Tanamai desert region,  where I lived for 2 years with the Warlpiri mob, and where I worked on community film projects, including 'Marluku Wirlinyi - The Kangaroo Hunters' (SBS) and 'Night Patrol' (ABC);  as well as a host of other local television, radio and video projects. These photos, some of which were used as production stills, were shot with an Olympus OM 2n on 35mm colour reversal film and scanned (poorly). Time to get them re-scanned! Add that task to the list... Photos taken at Yuendumu, Nyirripi, Pmara Junta, Papunya and surrounding homelands.
WARNING to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people: Some of the images here portray people who have passed away.